Have you had dreams about an alligator or a crocodile and wondered what it meant? What was the actual meaning behind the horrifying dream? Most people likely experience such a dream at least once in a lifetime.

If you are someone wondering what your dream about the alligator or crocodile meant, this article has all the answers for you. 

Alligators or crocodiles in dreams are a representation of the power and strength of your subconscious thought and imaginations. The power of your imagination is influential enough to both create a beautiful reality for you as well as destruct it, depending on how careful you are.

The sudden nature of alligators and crocodiles can sometimes resemble our thoughts and these sudden thoughts have the power to destroy if left unchecked.

The manifestation of one’s reality is also represented by alligators in dreams while also showing how thoughts and imaginations create the living. 


Since everybody has a unique set of subconscious thoughts, therefore, the interpretation of every dream will be different. This article will take you through all the different possible dreams relating to alligators and crocodiles along with their meanings.


Since alligators are amphibians (can live both on land and water), the two conditions of their living spiritually represent the spiritual world and the world of reality. Water is a representation of the subconscious mind and the sense of intuition.

Land on the other hand is a depiction of the logical and conscious mind with rational thoughts.  
Alligators and crocodiles are also believed to possess psychic abilities which make them capable of perceiving dangers that lurk around them with the help of their strong sixth sense.

This sixth sense is similar to the one which gives humans their power of intuition. 
The combination of such abilities makes alligators and crocodiles a metaphor for the functioning of the human mind. They also often deliver the spiritual message to communicate about the happenings of the psyche.

Alligators can also be a warning sign symbolizing the destructive thinking patterns or can also come as an encouragement to empower your thought of manifesting a good reality. Hence the spiritual meaning of crocodile in dreams is directly related to your mind and its functioning.


Crocodiles in dreams can be a representation of possible deceits. Crocodiles in dreams are often closely related to hidden enemies and a change in life. A crocodile can also be a depiction of wisdom, strength, control, and power.

Crocodiles are also often closely associated with flexibility in life due to the wild nature of their being. Seeing a wild alligator or crocodile in your dream can be a representation of a warning for your waking life.


They are a sign of some change or potential danger in the waking life and also highlight your intuitions and spiritual insights. They are also indicative of the spiritual steps that one must take in the future. Therefore, both alligators and crocodiles are worrying symbols if they appear in your dreams. 


Crocodiles, known as Cipactli in the Aztec cosmology are said to be the symbol of the floating earth within the primeval waters and also symbolize the first calendar day of the Aztec calendar. It is a symbol of the beginning of the earth and all the other things within the physical realm. 

The Cipactli is also a symbolization of the manifestation of power. It is also indicative of our mind which is the most powerful manifestation tool for humans and is the place where the creation of our reality takes place.

Hence, the dream of an alligator or a crocodile is often associated with the manifestation of reality through the manifestation power of our brain.GENERAL INTERPRETATION OF THE DREAM ABOUT ALLIGATORS OR CROCODILES 

A very generic interpretation of an alligator or crocodile would suggest the need to improve or encourage stability in terms of financial security. Even if you are well off with the money, it is going to seem difficult to obtain so it is best to check your finances.

The interpretations of the dream dictionaries of the 1930s suggested that alligators or crocodiles in your dream are symbolic figures for how you feel within yourself about others.

These reptiles are also often directly associated with the soul and spiritually such dreams soften indicate the coming together and merging of intelligence and power.

The different situations that you see a crocodile or the alligator in becoming the determining factor of whether or not the outcome of the dream interpretation is going to be positive.

Though dreams are generally scary, there can be times when people find such dreams adventurous or exciting. Since alligators and crocodiles are closely related animals, they are often taken into consideration together while interpreting a dream.

The meaning and interpretation relating to either one of the reptiles are going to be more or less very similar. However, there might be slight differences depending on your situation and your reading and comprehension of the dream.

Though in most cases both alligators and crocodiles share several common characteristics and symbolism, the main difference between them is that Alligators typically have a broader u-shaped snout, unlike crocodiles that have a v-shaped head which is skinnier in comparison to that of alligators. 

The meaning of the dream can be variant depending on the different contexts that the dream occurs in or the feelings it gives rise to. A few possible dreams and their interpretations have been given below:



Being chased by a crocodile in a dream is a representation of the freedom of emotions. The trust you have in others is represented by the chasing element in the dream. It is also an illustration of you needing to overcome obstacles in your waking life.

A sense of insecurity is also signified by such a dream. If you are trying to run away from the crocodile chasing you in your dream, it is indicative of some concern in your waking life.

Since a crocodile symbolizes deception and dishonesty, it can also be a depiction of some concern or problem that you are trying to run away from in your waking life. It can also be a signal for your inability to face up realities and run away from them instead.

It can be indicative of you being overwhelmed by something in your life or that something might be challenging for you. It also shows that you run away from the challenges of your life instead of viewing it as an opportunity to succeed. 

The dream signifies that you are scared of your power and possess a fear of success or letting people down also resulting in you running away from pursuing your dreams. 


A pet crocodile signifies your stamina and durability. It is indicative of your clear feelings and your ability to express them healthily. The dream also depicts your interest in someone and your efforts to gain their favor.

The dream signifies respect and reverence and shows that you are surrounded by love and warmth. Playing with or petting a crocodile could also indicate your efforts towards bringing a change in yourself for the better and that you are putting efforts to your full potential towards the same. 


Snapping of an alligator or crocodile in your dream could be an indication of something that you have been avoiding even though it needs your attention. It could also be a sign of irritability or agitation within yourself or of someone in close interaction with you.

The dream of killing an alligator or crocodile irrespective of the emotion that you possess while taking such action is an indication of the avoidance of your fears. While it may seem like you have conquered and defeated it, it means quite the opposite. 


The dream depicts your approach towards fighting your perceived enemy. The dream signifies the approach of needing to kill the enemy to survive. It depicts your overreaction towards any potential threats around you and your tendency to avoid challenges or to blame people for your faults and mistakes.

There is another way to survive a crocodile attack and there is always an option to tame it, though it may require more effort and patience. Therefore, if you kill the crocodile to save yourself, it is indicative of you avoiding challenges in life that require effort, patience, and time.

The dream evokes a question of what is it that you are avoiding and while finding the answers might put you in an uncomfortable mental state for a while it is very crucial to address it as it could be the root for you avoiding some challenges that can result in a positive life change for you. 

If the feeling brought by the dream however is that of relaxation or relief it could also be suggestive of some recently countered difficulty that makes you feel accomplished and satisfied.

To take the dream in a positive sense you could perceive it in a way that indicates “killing it” as a way to describe success in something. It also suggests great luck by indicating the end of all worries. 


An alligator or a crocodile in captivity is indicative of certain characteristics in your possession that make you unique and different from others. The dream suggests you take any coming energy in two months from the occurrence of the dream and turn it in your favor.

The dream is strongly liked to your feelings and suggests you develop a strong personality with firm family values. The dream also depicts a need for balance between the conflicting male and female attributes of yourself.


 While the dream in itself can be horrifying and can scare you uncontrollably, the interpretation of the dream is quite the opposite. The dream as a whole means that t=you should let go of all your worries. It suggests that all things are going to sort themselves.

It also indicates wrongful behavior or evil intentions of a friend or family member and that they are going to be unmasked in front of you very soon. The dream suggests that you will be able to see a clearer picture of who is and isn’t an honest friend of yours.



Seeing the tail of a crocodile in your dream shows that someone is talking about you behind your back. The tail is generally used by crocodiles to swipe away their enemies and it is also their attacking tool.

Since the tail serves the function of swiping away the prey of the crocodile and helps them attack, the dream could suggest a possible attack on you in a verbal sense, by someone that you think is close to you. However, if you do get attacked by the tail of the crocodile in your dream, it is suggestive of good luck. 


Riverbanks in your dreams depict your emotions in dreams. Seeing several crocodiles on the bank of the river in a dream means that you will be gaining answers related to progress in life. Since the river is symbolic of emotions, the dream could also be suggestive of some issues that you are facing with your relationships in your waking life. 

It shows that you are feeling used or exploited in some way by your relationships. Since crocodiles in dreams also mean deceit and dishonesty, the dream could be a warning for you to be especially careful about the decisions you take in your relationships.

You must also be aware and keep an eye on everyone around you to see their true intentions with you. The crocodile on the bank of the river can also be interpreted as you trying to move on in your life and move ahead with everything that you are doing.


The dream of swimming with an alligator or a crocodile could be indicative of some unsatisfied emotional need and a fear of expressing your emotions to anyone. It can also show your inability to acknowledge how you feel about a situation.

Sometimes the dream also shows your feeling of fear to trust someone and an element of confusion towards the same. The dream is often an indication of your trust issues due to several reasons. The dream also depicts your fear of someone sneaking up on you or astonishing you with some news which you are not prepared for.

It also shows your fear of facing the reality or the truth about any given situation. This dream arises the question of whether you are honest and fair with yourself and those around you.


Both Alligators and crocodiles are known for their protective nature towards their eggs. The animals were used as a symbol of fertility in ancient Egypt. The dream of eggs of these reptiles could be an indication of your excitement over something new that is to begin in your life.

These dreams can also show your worries over some new change that is happening or could happen in your waking life. 

The dream about a baby alligator is suggestive of something that you have newly manifested in your life. It also suggests that your new manifestation still needs nurturing and is in a growing period just like the baby crocodile or alligator.

It also means that the result of this new manifestation is highly dependent on the kind of treatment in terms of energy, action, and thoughts that you determine on giving it.

Though the dream itself is a good omen, it also suggests that you should be highly selective of your choice of actions and in the ways that you decide to nurture your projects to get desirable results and succeed in the same. 

The dream also indicates that it is a good time for you to begin scheduling yourself and bound yourself in a stricter routine which will result in an increased productiveness in you. 

Such dreams could also indicate that if you have any problems going on in your waking life, they are passable, however, they might not be as easy as you think. The dream also suggests that you look over your life and get a better insight to check if there are some important things that you overlooked and need to catch up on. 

There are several other possible situations and scenarios where you can see an alligator or a crocodile and each of them has a different interpretation. The interpretation of crocodile sleep or dead could be indicative of the passive nature of your problems or could suggest that the problems in your life have come to an end.

Like explained at the very beginning of this article, the interpretation of dreams consisting of these reptiles is done such that they show alligators and crocodiles as a sign of manifesting power. With the help of this symbolization of alligators and crocodiles, it becomes easier to understand the meanings of the range and variety of dreams related to these reptiles.

Different dreams offer different dreams depending on things like whether you were attacking the crocodile or was it the other way round, was it a crocodile or an alligator in your dream, whether the reptile was on land or in water, your emotions and reactions towards it, etc. 



Whether the dream of an alligator or a crocodile is good or not is dependent on the context that you see the dream. They can be a representation of both positives and negative aspects of life depending on the events of the dream. The interpretations will also differ depending on your role in your waking life.

Since both alligators and reptiles represent the power to manifest your reality through your mind, the determination of whether the dream was positive or negative depends on how you act with the reptile in your dream and how you comprehend the dream after waking up.

While the dream can be a series of events, the occurrence that highlights or stands out to you is going to be the determining factor of whether or not your dream was a good sign. It is most likely for someone into creative fields to frequently dream about these reptiles because of their continuous imagination and intuitive power. 

However, some dream astrology does suggest that dreams relating to crocodiles and alligators can be indicative of upcoming trouble in your life. The interpretation can however have different meanings depending on your situation in your waking life. 

There is a range of interpretations with both positive and negative meanings of the dream about alligators and crocodiles. Just like every other dream, there is no exact interpretation of whether the dream is good or bad.

It is highly dependent on the context and one cannot otherwise determine if the dream itself is good or bad. However, you can take it as a warning sign for keeping your thoughts in check and your mind in control because it is related to the power of your mind which holds the control of both beautifying and destroying your life.

It is indicative of how your intuitions can be a framing factor of your reality.


Dream of a crocodile can have a range of meanings with the rang dog contextual diversity of the dreams. With the unmeasurable depth of the mind, dream about crocodiles, and alligators which are symbolic of the powers of the mind, there can be a range of meanings of the dream.
Dreams can be particularly stressful and can be very scary at the same time. Especially for people living in urban areas with limited to no interaction or sight of reptiles like crocodiles and alligators, these dreams can be like nightmares. However, it is very important to note that the interpretation of these dreams is not always negative. The ironic nature of these dreams is such that sometimes when you are attacked by the creature in your dream, it depicts good luck and fortune. Similarly, victory over these creatures might make you feel excited and give off a sense of adventure, but according to dream interpreters, it is indicative of your ignorance towards important emotions and thoughts in your waking life. 

Dream interpreters often associate the symbolic meaning of alligators and crocodiles to the power of your mind and intuition to frame your reality. Hence, such dreams are often a good signal for you to start taking control over your conscious and subconscious thoughts to shape your reality better and turn opportunities in your favor. If you take the warning of such dreams positively and change the functionality of your mind and thought accordingly, it can result in a brand-new set of experiences in your life with a great amount of success and stability. There are also repeated mentions of how you should be careful in terms of your relationship with friends and family and you should pay special attention to this because your close relations influence your lives way more than you can imagine or think of. It is important to keep your awareness awake to detect any kind of deceit or dishonestly from a friend or family member so you can eliminate it as soon as possible. 

The dream is also suggestive of new beginnings in life and a fresh start. This brings in the light of positivity and paves way for a scope to change and alter things to bring success your way. Maintaining a mental balance between the logical and intuitive parts of your brain is very important and this will also result in you being able to be aware of the happening around you. 

Having recurring dreams about alligators are signs of having found your inner hidden intuition and directly indicate towards and awakened and uncovered inner thoughts. Such dreams can also be caused repeatedly if you have experienced some sort of deceit in your waking life.

With a range of meaning that the dreams about crocodiles have it can get confusing to get a correct interpretation for your dream, the best thing to do then is to keep your thoughts balanced and your actions in check to protect yourself from any potential threats.

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