Have you just Dream about getting shot and not dying? Someone shot you and you say you didn’t die at all. Therefore you are forced to wake up from such a terrifying dream soaked in sweat. Don’t worry.

I can understand what your situation is right now. I, myself often have such terrifying dreams at night. According to the researchers and the psychoanalysts, whatever dreams we have, they are reflections of our own thought, feeling, and desires.

What I mean to say is that our subconscious mind is way more complex than we can think of. We have so many thoughts and desires in our waking life or in our actual life. Our dream is the mirror of them.

But sometimes, our dreams can make us frightened. Dream about getting shot and not dying is one of those frightening and terrifying dreams. Though most people around us have dreams about the shooting.

It is very common. But when you saw that someone has shot you and you didn’t even die at the moment. Rather you were forced to fight. These dreams really disturb your sound sleep. You wake up disturbingly.

Dream about getting shot and not dying
Dream about getting shot and not dying

Trust me! Such dreams can ruin your whole day. But, have you ever thought if these dreams have some inner meaning or not. What do they actually signify? Okay! Relax. Don’t get so confused.

I have all the answers for you. Now it’s your turn. You have to go through this entire article in order to get all your answers.

But first, take a look at the list below. You will come to know what sections you are going to read today.

  • What does it mean when you dream about getting shot?
  • Being Kidnapped in a Dream- Know the Biblical Reference
  • Getting hurt in a Dream and Feeling It- Should I be alert of something dangerous?
  • I dreamt that I was being stabbed in the stomach- what does that symbolize?
  • Dreams about Bleeding Eyes
  • FAQs regarding various dreams

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Getting Shot?

Well, let me tell you very clearly that you do not have to worry or panic too much if you have just seen a dream of being attacked and getting shot immediately after that. It reflects our own vulnerability.

Though it is a very common dream among most of the people around us. These kinds of dreams do not actually mean that you are going to die in the future.

But, one thing is for sure that dreaming about getting shot is an unpleasant one and you do not want to see it once again. We experience fear, anger, and confusion during such dreams. Also, we feel that we are being victimized.

Therefore, in such dreams, the gun in someone’s hand signifies that your life is at risk. Very often, these dreams work as a sheer warning against some dangers that will approach you very soon.

The Possible Interpretations Of Dreaming About Getting Shot And Not Dying


Sometimes, constant fear of somebody or someone can lead to such kinds of dreams. Your fear may be heavy and thus disturbs your inner peace. You can’t handle the immense mental pressure and you are dreaming about getting shot.

What Does It Mean When You Dream About Getting Shot
What Does It Mean When You Dream About Getting Shot


Guilt can be a strong reason for which you are dreaming such things. Our mistakes in life often bring us shame and often learning. But, if they get heavy on your mind, you start feeling guilty. Dreaming of getting shot may be the consequence of that.

Emotional Disorder

Very often, getting shot in dreams and still not dying indicates some wounds from the past. Something disturbing happen in your past and you thought you forgot those incidents.

But, your subconscious mind is still into it. This can lead to an emotional disorder in your mind. That is why you are now dreaming such terrifying things.

You now need to think of your past. Talk to others about it, if possible, and get help from them. You really need to get rid of this emotional turmoil.


Struggles and crises are inevitable in our lives. You may have financial, political, professional, or personal struggles. Some of us are very robust and stand out surviving them.

But those who can’t do that face some serious issues. This crisis keeps bothering them and can result in such disturbing dreams.


You can also take these dreams as a warning against some activities that you have done recently and your mind did not approve of it.

This dream can also symbolize that somebody has manipulated you into some wrongdoings by playing with your emotions. You need to think about it and be warned if you are dreaming this again and again.


Dreaming of getting shot can be a hint of some appearing illness in near future. Maybe you are not healthy enough and your subconscious mind is constantly hinting at this point. That is why you are seeing such dreams. You must be serious in such cases.

I am suggesting that you should create your diet chart properly. Make sure that you don’t have any constant health issues like headaches or pain in some body parts.

dreamed about bullet shot at me
someone shot me in my dream what does it mean

Frightened Of Being Chased Or Attacked

Well, are you afraid of being attacked or chased by someone? If so, you can experience dreams like being shot. So my advice to you is that you need to be alert whenever you go out in public places next time.

End Of A Struggle

Yes. You are reading it right. Sometimes getting shot in dreams and still be alive can be a sign that all your struggles will come to an end sooner. It never implies that your life will end.

This means that you will have a good and peaceful life very soon. Therefore, it is better for you not to think too much about the dream.

Here are all the possible interpretations of dreaming of getting shot and not dying. Now we should take a look at other incidents in dream-like being kidnapped, getting hurt, or being stabbed in the stomach in dreams.

Being Kidnapped In A Dream- Know The Biblical Reference

Are you afraid of the fact that someone will dominate you and your life? Are you always in fear that somebody has a strong chance to take charge of your life? If so, it can be the biblical meaning of being kidnapped in a dream.

When you see that you are being kidnapped in your dream, you are feeling like you have lost your freedom. I am strongly recommending that you should be careful.

This kind of dream makes you vulnerable and weak day by day. You may always experience fear and doubtful situations around you. What happens in such cases is that you are willing to do many things, but unfortunately, fail to do them.

Also, dreaming about being kidnapped can also imply that you have lost control of a particular situation and now you are feeling worried or anxious about it. If you have experienced such circumstances recently, it can lead to such a dream-like being kidnapped.

Getting Hurt In A Dream And Feeling It- Should I Be Alert Of Something Dangerous?

I have told you before that our subconscious mind is more complex than we can think of. Our dreams are just like that. Sometimes, our dreams may be psychosomatic.

When we experience getting hurt and feel pain in our dreams that mean our dreams are immense and that pain is the physical response of that injury, even if it occurs in the dream.

Most people, while they are experiencing such immense dreaming, can’t differentiate between the real and the unreal incidents.

I Dreamt That I Was Being Stabbed In The Stomach- What Does That Symbolize?

When you dream of being stabbed in the stomach, it surely symbolizes betrayal. You are under huge pressure that someone will betray you. That person may be from your workplace, maybe from family or friends, and whatever it can be. The act of stabbing is here a metaphor.

But, you should not worry about this dream too much because it does not indicate the end of your life. But you should be alert as it also indicates that there is somebody around you who surely does not want you to be happy enough in your life. You should make distance from some people in your life.

eams About Bleeding Eyes
Dream about getting shot and not dying

Dreams About Bleeding Eyes

The bleeding eyes dream is said to be related to the human personality. Actually, it can be a very good sign for someone. But it can also call bad luck in the future.

When someone dreams about bleeding eyes, it is said that the person has a very strong personality. But when it comes to bad luck, it can bring bad vibes to the dreamer.


1. Why do I run slowly in my dreams?

If in your dreams you are running slowly, it is because of the reason that generally our dreams happen in slow-motion than our real life. Another reason can be that almost all the voluntary muscles of our body have become temporarily paralyzed in our dreams.

We can’t actually run in our dreams because we actually can’t move our legs. Slow running in dreams reflects this fact.

2.What does it mean to dream about getting shot at?

If you Dream about getting shot and not dying, it can be the reflections of the pains, problems, or issues that you have experienced in your real life. A dream about getting shot can also signify your inner conflicts, fears, and confrontations of yours.

On the other hand, it can be the reflection of the present struggles of yours that you are dealing with right now. Here the gun can signify dominance.

3.What does it mean when you dream about being shot in the chest?

When you have a dream about getting shot in the chest, it may be hinting at your life. What I mean to say is that it can be the significance of the risks that you have in your life.

In such dreams, the gun by which you are shot is the reflection of your social status. Therefore, it wants to tell you that you have a career of your own that you never want to give up at any circumstances.

It can also signify that you are lonely and you really need the support of your family and friends.

4.Why do I feel pain in my dreams?

Dream About Getting Shot And Not Dying
Dream About Getting Shot And Not Dying

Actually, feeling pain in dreams is very rare. Very few people have reported that they felt pain in their dreams. So, one reason if you are feeling pain in your dream can be the construction of your distant memories.

5.What does blood symbolize in our dreams?

When you are dreaming about blood, it can be the symbol of remorse and guilt. In dreams, blood is the reflection of our life energy. So dreaming about a deep cut and dropping out of the blood from that cut may be a symbol of the loss of energy itself.

To Sum It Up

Our dreams can be sweet or unpleasant from time to time. In the beginning, we did not know much about our dreams and therefore we used to ignore them. But, the time passes, people study about it again and again.

As a result, a lot of things have come to light about dreams. We had famous psychoanalysts like Freud who did researches about human dreams and showed how significant it is in our lives.

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