With the largest number of associations done to them, snakes are one of the most prominent symbols that have been used throughout several ancient myths and superstitions.

They have been generally attributed and associated with deceit, shame, sex, spiritual awakening, transformation, and a list of several other things. Snake bites are also very symbolic and to date, even modern psychology looks at the different meanings that snake bites could be indicative of. 

Dreams associated with snakes can often be creepy as they are dangerous creatures that frighten most human beings away. While it is rather common to dream of snakes or snake bites, it can be very startling and petrifying.


Dream of a snakebite can give rise to several questions in your mind. What is the meaning of such a dream? Is it a good omen? How does the context of the dream affect its interpretation?  Very often people think about whether a snake bite in dream good or bad and this article details the same.

This article aims to answer all these questions for you and takes you through the several possible meanings and interpretations of dreams related to snake bites.

Read this article to get an accurate and detailed interpretation of snake bite dreams.


The dream of a snake bite is generally considered a warning sign. Such a dream suggests that you should be paying more attention to something that you might have been subconsciously ignoring and this thought is now trying to irrupt and get the attention of your conscience.

Dreams of snakebite are often symbolic of some sort of danger or trouble that might be caused to you by another person or situation. It can sometimes also mean that your actions and behaviors can cause harm to you.

Due to the reptiles’ nature of regularly shedding skin, dreams about snakes can also be associated with an upward growth or the start of a new life. Snakes can also be indicative of something related to the health and healing of the dreamer.

Snake bites are a general symbol of fear. Hence, it is likely that the dream about a snake biting you hasn’t occurred due to any good reason. The fear is similar to a snake bite, it is both quick and painful. 

Snake bites also indicate problems in your life as they are similar to problems in the sense that you don’t know about the occurrence of any problem in life till it takes place just like a snake bite. 


This is a generic interpretation and symbolism of snake bites in a dream. However, the interpretation of the dream may differ depending on various factors like where the snakes bite you, the color of the creature, the emotions this dream intrigues in your waking life, and other contextual differences. 

It is important to understand and study the type of snake that bites you before getting into the actual interpretation of a dream about snake bites. If you have been bitten by a harmless or non-poisonous snake in your dream, it is likely to mean that you have nothing to worry about.

It means that there was trouble in your life but it now seizes to exist anymore. To determine if the snake in your dream was poisonous or not might be difficult especially if you miss out on the specific characteristics of the snake while recalling your dream. In such cases, the best thing to remember is that smaller snakes are always most likely to be harmless.

Irrespective of the variations in the context of your dream and its interpretation, it is important to keep in mind that such dreams cannot be taken lightly. Ancient Egyptians often associated snake bites with an impact on both your physical and spiritual body.

Snakebite dreams can negatively affect your spiritual body and hence must be dealt with with special caution. Thus, dream meaning snake bite left hand then it may have different meanings for different people.

The most common interpretation factor in terms of dreams related to snake bites is the location of the snake bites. 


If one dreams of snake biting on the face, it is a representation of an unhealthy relationship towards beauty and the body in waking life. It is indicative of an excessive emphasis on the physical features rather than the spiritual aspects.

Such dreams can also be a sign of wrongful judgment toward other people based on their physical appearance. 


Snake bites on the neck represent the inability to speak the truth due to the fear of rejection or denial. It can also suggest the need to discuss an emotional issue which you are unable to discuss in your waking life because of the other person being ignorant. 

Snake bites on the neck are also indicative of lies told by someone about you behind your back. 


Snake bites on the lips are attributed to inner fears which have no relation to the actual occurrences in the realm of reality. They could suggest your inner fear of betrayal from your romantic partner irrespective of whether they are doing so or not.


Such a dream suggests your fear and doubt about whether your partner is trustworthy.
Dreams about snake bites on the lip can also be a sign for you to bring your attention to your verbal skills and focus on the words that you speak. They can be suggesting you pay more caution if your words are being hurtful to others. 


The left eye depicts your inner wisdom or intuition. The left eye is also a representation of your sixth sense or your sense of knowingness. To be bit by a snake on the left eye in your dream could be a sign for you to pay more attention to your intuition and could be suggesting the importance of the same. 


Since the right eye is the conscious eye, the dream of being a bit on the right eye could represent your ignorance towards your life. It could mean that you are trying to avoid the truth in your waking life because you are unwilling to have any confrontation for the truth. 


Your unconscious powers and strengths are represented by your left hand. Dreams about being bitten by a snake on your left arm suggest that you should pay more attention to your inner strength. It also depicts the false belief system that makes you wrongly accept that you are incapable of things even when in reality you are fully capable of resolving the problem at the given point. 


Your right arm is indicative of your conscious strengths and capabilities. It also depicts your pride. Dreams of snakebite on your right arm may suggest that you are showing more strength and power than required in the situation and that it would be best for you to be a little vulnerable. 

It also suggests that you should not hold on to your pride and instead ask for the help that you might need. It suggests that you are trying to show more strength than you possess even when it would be best for you to seek assistance and get help. 


 Dream meaning of snakebite on the left hand can be understood by understanding the symbolization of the left hand. The left hand is a representation of your inner knowing and clarity.


Getting bitten on the left arm by a snake in your dream could be suggestive of bringing your attention to something related to yourself, that you have ignored earlier.

The left hand is also the receiving hand and hence a dream of being attacked on the left hand could be symbolic of your fear of receiving things from someone. 


 The right-hand shows what people observe in the reality and is a symbolism of the outer landscape. Being bitten by a snake on the right hand in your dream could mean that there is something in your environment that you didn’t see before and this dream brings your attention towards it.

Other details related to the dream are also taken into consideration to determine what exactly such a dream could be signaling. Since the right hand is also your giving hand, a bite on it could be symbolism to wary of who you are giving to. It could also point towards a possibility of you being taken advantage of. 


The chest generally represents things related to the energy of the heart and is symbolic of things related to romantic relationships and relations dealing with love. This also symbolizes your relationship with yourself. 

A snake bite on the chest is an indication of the fear that you have of opening up to someone or building relationships or commitments. It can also be a warning for some heartache that could be caused to you by a loved one. 


The ability to flow and the flexibility of life are represented by the knees and elbows. Snake bites on these body parts could be suggestive of your fear of losing control over things and life. It can also be pointing out your fear of taking risks in life and can be a sign of your stubbornness that causes you to be stagnated in life instead of evolving.


Dreams of being a bit on the left leg suggest that there is something that has given a pause to your spiritual journey and you must pay attention to it. It could also mean that a job or relationship I causing a distraction and avoiding you from being able to explore yourself.



To dream of a snake bite on the right leg could be symbolic of a sense of fear of the direction your life takes. It also suggests that you are unsure of the manifestations that you want to make in your life.

It shows that you have settles for a mediocre life and gives off a message that it is about time for you to put your foot into your actual dreams and let go of your fear to be able to build the future of your dreams.


Feet is a representation of your stance in life and depicts your core values. To be bit by a snake on your left foot could indicate that you must revisit your core values. It can also mean that if you make decisions based on who you truly are, those decisions will only bring you success in life.


Being bit by a snake on your right foot in your dream could indicate that you should re-evaluate your values and check if you truly believe in them. 
There are also several other interpretations of dreams about snake bites. These include:


Dreams of snakebite can come as a sign of warning for something toxic being a part of your life. Just as snake bites are immediate, it is suggestive that the toxicity is also immediate. The snake in such dreams could be a representation of someone or something that you are doing that poses threat or causes harm to you.


If you see a snake biting you in your dream while it wraps itself around you, it could be suggestive of something or someone in your life that is depleting or draining your spiritual body. 


Multiple snake bites on your body in your dream can indicate a toxic situation in your waking life. If you see yourself bitten by multiple snakes in your dreams, you should be aware of the situations in your life and move away from any situation that seems toxic. 


Snake bites can often also be a symbol of toxins within your body causing several health issues to you. If you already suffer from a physical health ailment, snake bite dreams can be an indicator of your declining health condition.


Interpretations of a snake bite dream also vary depending upon who was bitten by the reptile in your dream. 


If you see a dream where the snake bites you, it suggests that the problems in your life do not involve others around you and are solely related to you, your thoughts, and your actions.

However, this dream does not sway away from the possibility of others being the root cause of your problem. The dream is only indicative of the fact that is only you who is going to be affected by the problem in your life and the toxicity in your life is not affecting many other people in your life.


Dreaming of a loved one being bit by a snake could suggest that a loved one could be facing problems in their life. However, if the dream occurs to you, it can suggest that you can help the close one to overcome the problem and give them suggestions or help them come up with a viable solution to the problem in their life. 

Such a dream could also mean that the suffering of a loved one is stemming from you and that you could be the reason behind the problems that they face. It is a sign that you must take a look at your treatment towards the person and see if you can provide them with better treatment.


If you dream of a snake biting your enemy it is likely to suggest that you desire to bring them down and overpower them to a great extent. The dream might also suggest that the enemy is intervening with your waking life and though you might not be able to consciously be aware of it, your subconscious Is trying to warn you against this through such dreams.


If you dream about a stranger being bit by a snake, the person can be a symbol for a part of yourself. This can be understood better by taking an example. If you dream about a stranger child being bit by a snake it could suggest that the child is a denotation of the toxicity of your childhood.  


Snakebite dreams during pregnancy could indicate your fear of creating something new (that is your baby). The dream suggests that you feel vulnerable while taking risks and have a great depth of fear for the same. Such dreams can give rise to a range of emotions and can disturb your subconscious to some extent.


The general perception of a dream related to snake bites is that of a warning sign for your waking life. These dreams are often suggestive of an imbalance that is not being addressed.

These dreams can be stressful and can disturb your subconscious with alarming thoughts. 
The good part of these dreams is that they make you pause life and check your actions. These dreams are also a way of the subconscious giving you crucial information about your life which might otherwise miss out on. 

The type of snake that bites you in your dream could also be the determining factor of whether or not the dream was positive.


 Dreaming of a non-venomous snake biting you is most often a non-warning dream with no possible threats. These dreams generally deal with the negative power of harmful words.

 These dreams are suggestive of verbal comments and conversations which might have been done wrong or might have hurt someone. The message of such dreams is mostly related to the effects of your words on others around you. 

It is also possible for you to dream of snakebite by a pet snake. This type of dream is suggestive of some kind of betrayal from someone with who you are close. 

Since non-venomous snakes are not as dangerous with their teeth, dreams related to their bites are often symbolic of slandering by a friend or a partner behind your back.


 Dreams about bites of venomous are both scary and threatening. These dreams are more concerning because they can be potentially more fatal. A dream of being bit by a venomous snake is often suggestive of a weak area that you have which is attacked by the false beliefs in your head.


It could also suggest an energetical attack on your weak area by one person or a group of people from your surroundings.

With such dreams, it is particularly important to keep in mind the color of the snake and the location of the snake bite. These factors with the context of the dream help in an accurate interpretation of your dream.


Being a bit more than once by a snake in your dream is a negative sign. It suggests that you refuse to walk away from a harmful situation caused in your waking life and even though you have been informed about the harm of being in the situation you chose to continue exposing yourself to that harm. 

This situation could be an abuse of any kind or manipulation of you being a victim. The dream could also be symbolic of any addictions that you might have, that you are unable to free yourself of. You have developed self-destructing behaviors due to a false belief system that is causing you to sabotage your energy. 

If you get such a dream, you should confront such situations and exit from such toxic and harmful situations at the earliest possible. Dreaming about someone else being bit by a snake more than once could suggest that it is a good time to reach out to the person that appears in your dream.

You should ask them about their well-being and letting them know that you will stand by them and will provide them with any assistance or help that they might need. 

Hence dreams about bites of non-poisonous snakes are generally positive or have very little harm, however, the dream of snakebite is a symbol of a potentially fatal threat of harm. The different colors of the snakes also determine the meaning and interpretation of snake bite dreams. 


Dreaming of a white snake biting you often suggests a connection between your spiritual and physical self. The appearance of a white snake in your dream can be a result of a decision taken by you in your physical world which affects your physical world. White snakes are often symbolic of balance.


A dream about a green snake biting you can often be an indication of your inner belief about money. It could be representing a false belief system that you have developed within yourself against abundance and growth. 


Dreams related to a yellow or golden snake biting you often represent a situation where you are being held back from the freedom of being able to express and exercise your power. This could be because of someone else or yourself.


The snake bite of a golden or yellow snake in your dreams can also be suggesting that your self—talk could be harming and sabotaging you resulting in your hindered success in life. 


After you wake up from a snake dream, it is possible that you might feel frightened and scared. However, there are a few things that you must try and follow after you wake up from a snake dream. The first step to take after you wake up from such a dream is to look around in your surrounding and take a proper look at what is happening in your surroundings.

Then you can take a note of your dream in a journal so you get aid in remembering it. Noting down details of the dream that you remember immediately after you wake up can also help you when you look for a proper interpretation. 

Noting your dreams down, immediately after you wake up can also help you in lucid dreams and their interpretation without missing out on important details. You can also keep your journal next to your bed so it is easily accessible to you.

Once you start your day after this dream, you must be aware and take note of every minute happening around you and especially take note of others’ actions towards you and your responses to them. If you feel sick it could be a warning sign from your subconscious about it.


Dreams related to snakes and snake bites are very informative as they give a great amount of insight into what is going through your subconscious. These dreams can tell you about your false belief systems that include harmful emotions and toxic thoughts that come in the way of your success in life.

These dreams are also suggestive of toxic people in your life and warn you about the threats of harmful situations in your life.  The dream interpretation snake bite is different in the case of different people.

The variation and diversity in the situation of the person dreaming can also result in a varied meaning and interpretation of the dream. With the large variety of situational differences in the lives of people, each snake and snakebite dream can have a unique and different interpretation and sometimes the context of your dream cannot be defined within the bounds of these generic interpretations.

While you can still connect dots and get a rough framework of what your dream could mean, to get specific meaning and interpretation for your dream can be difficult sometimes.

The best way to understand and interpret the meaning of your snake or snake bite-related dream is to follow your intuition and work by it. It is best to believe in what resonates with you and what you feel a connection and relatability to. You should take the guidance of your intuitive powers to get to the best interpretation of your snake bite dream. 

Dreams of Snakebite generally lack a clear, specific, and defined interpretation and are often left with loose ends giving scope for you to determine and interpret the meaning according to its relevance and relatability to your life.

Snakes are also perceived as symbolic of sexual male energy by several interpreters and this is an example of how there a range of variation in the way the meaning of a snake dream is perceived. 

Snakes are a common dream archetype and are often representative of a person or situation in the dreamer’s life which exhibits low, toxic, and poisonous behavior. Snakebite dreams can also sometimes represent your thoughts which are venomous and which you must avoid. 
The unpredictable nature of snakes is similar to the problems that such dreams warn you against. These dreams are suggestive of the fact that you must pause and evaluate the elements of your life and warn you against possible trouble or deceit that you might experience.

Snake dreams are closely related to the connections of your physical and spiritual body and hence are also often linked to health and health issues.

Such dreams suggest that your habit of thinking too much about the past and future has taken you away from your current reality. It is because of your lack of attention towards your reality that it is easier for a predator to strike.

Your subconscious constantly tries to indicate and point out the issues and problems of your life and it is mainly through such dreams. This makes it highly alarming when you get a warning dream like that of snake bites.

You must put your guards up and open your eyes to notice the little details of the occurrences in your life. Dream interpretations can be positive or negative depending on how you relate to them and how you decide to act upon them.

Your intuitions are your best guide when it comes to studying your dream because your dreams are uniquely linked to your reality and are specific to you.



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