It has been said that when we dream about getting married, it means generally the very thing that we dreamt of was on our conscience. Many just dismiss the dreams thinking it was just a dream but if you knew that every dream is not just the culmination of your overthinking about a particular thing but it holds a symbolic meaning. 

Suppose you had a dream about getting bitten by a snake or playing with a monkey, that does not generally mean you will be bitten by a snake or will be playing with a monkey, it has a definitive and symbolic meaning related to the symbol of the very thing that you dreamt of. 

In this article, we will discuss the meaning of seeing a wedding in your dreams and each and every aspect connected with it. 

The Symbolism Of Seeing A Wedding In A Dream

The symbols are important to read any kind of dream. Each sign holds a different meaning and those meanings are the key to interpreting the dream. The wedding symbol means similarly to the meaning it holds in general.

When you get married to someone you love, it is a new start for you and your loved one as a ‘whole one body’ where the partnership filled with love and mutual understanding benefits both of you. 

Marriage is the new start and the symbol that the marriage holds is also the beginning of a thing that could be it. When you get married, your atmosphere changes and even the ways of living your life.

It is also a symbol of change and acceptance as accepting the new could mean troublesome for some but sometimes change is what you need to adapt to the new.

The meaning of seeing a wedding in your dream could also mean that you are going through stress but that stress will result in goodness and happiness for you.

There are various interpretations related to uncovering the meaning of seeing a wedding in your dream. Let us discover each and every meaning. 

What Do Dreams About Weddings Mean

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Wonderous Significance Of Dreaming About Getting Married

There are various aspects related to the meaning of a wedding. For example, it could be seeing a wedding of others, or it could be you getting married, or any object related to a wedding could lead to different meanings.

It depends on what you are seeing and each meaning will differ. Here are some of the meanings.

  • Dreaming About Marriage In General: If you see getting married in general then it means that you are longing for unison and conformity. When two people get married it is their job to make each other aware of the situation and requires them to be in unison, and in harmony to get themselves out of the situation. 

Only by working together can you get rid of such improbable possibilities. If you have dreamed of getting married then it means you need to be in sync with your partner to be happy and healthy. Maybe the ways that you have been following to get to where you need checking.

The dream is representative of the very need to be in sync with your partner, be it your work partner or partner in life to be in favor.

  • Dreaming About Your Own Marriage: If you see yourself getting married in your own dream then it means that good news is awaiting you. You will profit from good news. Seeing yourself getting married means that you are unconsciously wanting good for yourself.

Through unison with your partner, you will get there. This particular good news will have the power to change your life for the good which you have to accept. There are two implications though.

If you are dreaming of getting married to someone you don’t know then it might mean you have to be aware of the people and may have to protect yourself from all the uncertainties as you have to adapt to changes. 

If the person you are getting married to is someone you love, then it is a sign of good news. 

  • Dreaming Of Someone Getting Married While You Are Watching It: If you are witnessing someone else getting married then it means you are in some kind of distrustful situation from which you are having difficulties getting out. This indicates that you are having a hard time and it is your emotional state that has created a barricade in order to keep the happiness away. 

If you control your emotions then happiness awaits you. The emotions that you have been harvesting many times have stopped you from achieving what you want but if you just let go of the baggage that is bringing you down, you can definitely be gifted with long-term happiness. 

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  • Dreaming Of Listening To Marriage Vows: Vows are a symbol of a long-lasting togetherness where one vows to be with each other for the rest of their lives. Exchanging vows is an important part of any wedding ceremony where one professes how their journey has been and how they feel for each other and how they promise to uphold each promise. 

The symbol of vows is very much self-explanatory but if you are dreaming of vows being exchanged then it means the union that is needed in any relationship to prevailing can only be achieved by understanding each other and providing the lover with what they need.

Listening is an important part. It means you have to listen more, you have to understand more in order to be in sync. 

  • Wedding Dress Dream Meaning: If you are dreaming of a wedding dress, it means you are going to be enchanted with a life that will be protected. The dress is a symbol of harmony and synchronization. It brings peace and love to the table. If you are dreaming about buying the dress then it means you will be rewarded with inner peace and a harmonious relationship.

If you are seeing yourself dressing up for your own wedding then it means a certain feeling of stability awaits your new life. If you are seeing yourself trying up new wedding dresses then it means you are anxious about the choices that you have made so far you are afraid of the outcome and the particular situation will result in difficulties that you will bound which you have to overcome. 

A wedding dress connotates one thing and one thing only and that is harmony and good luck.  

  • Dreaming About Having An Arranged Marriage: If you are dreaming about marrying someone that has been arranged by your parents then it means that you are to protect your own self when you are bound in a relationship that you don’t know how it would turn out. 

The symbol of seeing this particular dream leads to the meaning that you have to hold out for yourself while trying to stay in sync with everyone around you while maintaining inner as well as out peace and harmony. 

  • Dream Of A Marriage Proposal: The proposal is the main event that leads to the culmination of marriage. The proposal leads to getting married. Seeing yourself proposing or getting proposed to is a symbol of commitment. It simply means that you are seeking fulfillment in your life which will result in a long-term commitment. 

The commitment that you strive for is also an indication of the dream. It is also a symbol of confirmation about the feelings you possess for someone who you have longed to have in your life.

If you dream of this particular situation then it means you are ready for a full commitment phase in your relationship. 

  • Dreaming Of Kissing: “Now you may kiss the bride” is the real deal and the phrase that everyone wants to hear. It is not only emotional but also means that the Communion of both you and your partner is completed and you have become husband and wife. When you see yourself on the alter kissing your spouse after the priest has declared you man and wife in a dream, it symbolizes the connection you strive for with your partner. 

Kissing means that there is an inner lustrous need that you crave from your partner. It is also a symbol that you have to be more romantic in the relationship as you have to project more intimately what one needs in the relationship. 

  • Engagement Dream Meaning: This particular dream is the symbol of the connection and the union that you are striving for in your long relationship. It is a sign which means that you have to go forward with the idea of proposing to your partner. Engagement is a symbol of union and togethership. It means you are ready for the big commitment. 
  • Getting Married By Elopement: Let’s face it, no one wants to rob themselves of the opportunity to be treated like a star. A wedding day is one of the special days in everyone’s lives and elopement is a sign which signifies a balance between your spiritual, mental, and emotional distress. 
  • Dreaming About Stuff Related To Marriage: There is various stuff that is directly related to the meaning of the wedding. It has a growing influence on the symbol that marriage holds. Such symbols are garter, veil, bridesmaids etcetera. Let us discuss this. 
  • Dreaming Of Bachelorette Party: When you dream about having a bachelorette party or even see it getting arranged for you or maybe you are arranging it for someone else, it leads to only one meaning and that is a struggle to gain freedom in our own sense. Not every time seeing getting married or anything related to it has to be good. This means you have to get ahold of the feeling. 
  • Dreaming About Your Bridesmaid: When you dream about your bridesmaid without which the marriage is pretty much will not take place means your longing to be in a relationship that will be strongly committing. You are craving a commitment where you can be a bride too. It reflects your own desires for marriage. 
  • Dreaming About Bridegroom: this particular dream signifies your longing for indulgence in a romantic relationship. Your lustrous feelings are reflected via this dream. 
  • Engagement ring: The ring is a sign of commitment and dreaming about buying an engagement ring or even getting engagement rings is a sign of the commitment that you have mentally prepared yourself for. 
  • Garter: It is an important part of any marriage ritual which is to situate sexual desires. If you see a dream relating to garters then it is reflecting your sexual desires for each other. It is indicative of the fact that your sexual life will be adventurous and full of fun. 
  • Dreaming About The Veil: The veil is the final touch that every bride-to-be craves. A veil completes the look and if you are seeing dream about trying out veils or walking down the aisle wearing a veil it simply means that you are concealing something. You are holding yourself back from certain things. There is a certain thing that you are trying to suppress and deluding yourself. It could be a feeling about someone or something else. 
  • Dreaming About A Wedding Cake: A wedding cake is a masterpiece of the wedding. If you dream about wedding cake then it means there will be harmony and peace and synchronization in your domestic life. It will be purely blissful. 
Wonderous Significance Of Dreaming About Getting Married

Bottom Line:

Not every time dream should be taken lightly. Sometimes the dream that we see is a gateway to reality and what we see in a dream is the very thing we will encounter. From now on, when you dream about anything, make sure you google the meaning to know the hidden meaning behind it. 

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