Scary! Yes, that is exactly what you feel when you see the Dreams About Death Of A Child. I am very sure that most of you people often dream of a child’s death at night. Such nightmares do make us anxious and worried about our children.

But, what if I say that whatever you had seen in dreams as a nightmare does not mean the same thing in real life? You must be wondering now, thinking how can this even be possible? Yes my dear friend! I am not joking at all. For centuries, the books that were written on dreams often interpret such dream positively.

That is why I suggest you not panic or scare if you see Dream About A Hungry Baby. It is very common that a mother is always worried about her children. So, this dream can be a reflection of her worries and anxiety. Her unconscious is transforming the fear in this way.

If you are thinking about the meanings of this dream, your helping hand is here. Today in this article, I am going to discuss with you the points:

  • Dreams about losing your child
  • What is the spiritual meaning of a baby in a dream?
  • What happens when you dream about finding a baby?
  • Dreaming of a baby you don’t have
  • Dreams about your child dying
  • Prayer for missing child
  • What is the meaning of a small child in a dream?
  • Dream interpretation of the death of a child
  • What dreams represent death?
  • Dream about a baby accident
  • Dream about a hungry baby

Let’s start without wasting time.

Dreaming The Death Of Your Child – What Does It Imply In Reality?

You see, there are number of parents who have faced the nightmare of dreaming the death of their child. But I suggest not to panic, even a little, as such a nightmare is nothing but a reflection of the symbol that promises the long and a good life of their children in reality.

Dream About A Hungry Baby dying surely have some other explanations. If you see dreams about death of your child, the dream books interpret that there are difficulties, waiting for him/her in ordinary life. He/she may face problems in studies. They can have problems with their friends. I mean that you need to pay attention to your child, if you see such kind of dreams.

Dreams About Losing Your Child

Dreams About Losing Your Child
Dreams About Losing Your Child

Well, if you see dreams about losing your child, and you’re now panicking, just relax. Try to analyze the dream in a different way. Is your child going through a period of change and maturity? Doesn’t your child obey you? Then I would say that this ream is natural to you as you are always anxious about your child’s future.

What is the spiritual meaning of a baby in a dream and what does it signify?

Now, this can be a sign of some sort of loss in your life. A baby in a dream spiritually indicate that you actually need comfort and nurturing. A feeling of helplessness or an avoidance of a responsibility always hurt you.

You actually need someone special who can take care of you.

Also dreaming of a child you don’t have can symbolize that you’re in a helpless situation and out of control. This dream reveals your vulnerability. It describes their status regarding children. Both men and women can dream of a child they don’t have.

What Happens When You Dream About Finding A Baby?

When you dream about finding a baby, it indicates that you have recognized your hidden potentialities. You have started to trust your qualities. Thus it can be your first and important step towards self- discovery.

Prayer For Missing Child

Dreams About Death Of A Child
Prayer For Missing Child

Here is a prayer for missing child that all parents sing.

Dear Lord, we ask of you
Keep these children safe and sound.
Let no harm come before they are found
They’re lost from their family for many a reason,
Return them home before the end of a season.
Place your loving arms around each little shoulders,
Guide them safely back home, strong as soldiers.

What Is The Meaning of a Small Child In A Dream?

This is surely a good sign. A small child in dreams symbolizes that our paths in life will be marked by purity, honesty and creativity. The baby in our dreams represents spontaneous joy and openness to life.

So be happy, if you’ve come across such dreams.

Dream Interpretation- Death of a Child

One thing I must tell you that the interpretation of dreams of death of a child depends on so many things. For example, if you have seen a baby died after being sick for a long time, you must care and monitor his/her health.

Some books claim that a kid’s death in dream is a symbol that you will soon change your outlook about the life. The person who dreams of a child’s death can light up with a new idea.

In some other books, it is said that, if you dream about the death of your son, it may be a sign that you may have a big problem with him in future.
If you see the Dreams About Death Of A Child of some else, you can interpret that betrayal will come from people who are close to you. Even they can be your relatives. But if you dream about a deceased baby, who suddenly comes to life, you may enjoy fun and a life journey full of positive energy.

What Dreams Represent Death?

Dream About A Hungry Baby

There are people who claim that they saw weird things in dreams before the death of their near ones. They saw someone lying motionless, a large gathering of people etc. So these dreams can represent death.

Dreams that include ourselves falling from the trees or from the high mountains can be a representative of death. Darkness in dreams can also be a significance of death.

Be aware if you see black cats in your dream. People assume them as vicious, mysterious and devious. Thus they can bring the message of death.

Some people believe that when the teeth goes fall, it means that someone to their near ones is going to die.

Dreaming of nursing a baby while he/she is crying is believed to be a sign of the death of yourself or the death of your near and dear ones.

So you can see that there are a number of dreams that can be a messenger of death. All you have to do is to remain very careful.

Dream About A Baby Accident

Well, that indicates you to change and develop certain aspects of your life to get better than ever. Maybe it’s about unconditional love or the joy in life. Maybe it’s the perfect time to let go of some aspects of your relationship and move on to other sides of life like stability and commitment.

You’ll certainly get to know as the time passes.

Dream About A Hungry Baby

Dream About A Hungry Baby
Dream About A Hungry Baby

When you’re dreaming about a hungry baby, perhaps it signifies that you yourself are hungry for recovering your life. Surely it is a sign of hope. You can find the chance in waking up as a spiritual person and reconstruct your life.


  • Is saving a drowning man in dreams a sign of death?

Yes, it is. Most people assume that it’s unlucky to dream of saving a drowning man as bringing back him to life can cost your life.

  • What do babies signify in dreams?

They signify innocence, warmth and a new begging. It is a sign that your inner nature is pure, vulnerable and uncorrupted.

  • What can I assume if I see a baby falling in my dream?

Now it may have two meaning: positive and negative. Positivity may include success, happiness and joy in your life. On the other hand, negativity means that you are trying to hide your emotions from the world. Thus your emotions are suppressed.

  • Can I be pregnant if I dream about a baby?

Maybe it is. You see, when you are expecting, you always think about a baby. Thus your unconscious mind now transforms your wishes into your dreams.

  • What does dream signify?

According to Freud, a famous psychoanalyst, dreams are the pictures of our own repressed wishes that we have from our childhood to adultness. Your dreams are nothing but the reflection of your unconscious mind.

Final Words

Do not worry too much. Do not take your death dreams too seriously. You know that life has its own way. Just try to look at them as symbolic of something that can change your life.

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