You must be wondering what it means to Dream about floods? Well, when you dream about a flood it generally refers to all your inner feelings, thoughts, and emotions.

It signifies repressed desires of the subconscious mind. And the excessive flow of water represents overwhelming emotions about it.

A flood is a disaster that can cause destructive changes in people’s lives. It brings on uncontrollable changes that can alter lives within a few moments. 

So when you see a flood in your dreams it brings on a multitude of meanings in the context. Seeing a flood in dreams can be intense and unsettling.

Let us see what meaning and significance floods hold in your dreams.

Know What Does It Mean To Dream About a Flood?

Meaning And Significance Of Dreams About Floods

A dream about floods can mean multiple things. As we have already explained in the beginning, seeing a flood in dreams usually means deep-seated feelings and desires.

These are the desires that you have never expressed to anyone before. It can also happen that you might not be aware of these feelings. 

After doing some research we have identified some key meanings of flood dreams. Here are some of them:

  • In case you are a religious person, floods might signify divine punishment of some kind.
  • If you’re a water sports lover, flood dreams usually signify adventure and thrill.
  • The speed and volume of water signify that the person might be feeling overwhelmed with emotions.
  • And at times flood water might signify blessings and babies.
  • It might even express that you are on the threshold of a new beginning.
  • At times it might even signify bad omens.
  • It even represents a crisis that you are currently going through.
  • It also signifies serious abandonment issues.

There can be various other meanings associated with flood dreams apart from the ones we have mentioned here.

What Does Flood Symbolize In Dreams?

Flood dreams are symbolic of multiple things. Here we will try to locate the symbolism of Flood dreams. Let us see what they are:

1. A Call to Repent

Floods are caused by multiple things but there are three main types of floods river, coastal, and flash floods.

Every flood has a different meaning. As per the bible, the flood was a sign of God’s wrath to wipe off humanity’s evil.

Therefore, if you’re a Christian, a flood dream can mean you’re guilty about something and are fear of punishment or rebuke.

2. Bad Memories

A flood in your dream also represents your past trauma, pain, and feelings associated with flooding. It might be a result of some recent events triggering those emotions.

3. Your Partner is Arriving

As per Bible, dreaming about flooding water also means that you are soon to find your life partner. The Universe will send them your way in a flood of blessings.

4. A fresh Start

A flood as per Bible also refers to the idea of a fresh new start. The flood destroyed the whole world, but also life had a new start after that. The flood you saw in your dreams is a sign of blessed beginnings.

5. A Warning From The Gut

A flood in your dreams can have a variety of meanings. It figuratively signifies a warning about something that is going to come into your life.

This dream warns you to take crucial upcoming decisions in life very carefully.

6. A Break

A flood in your dream also signifies the fact that you need to rest and take a break. You might find yourself bobbing or choking in the water of the flood.

This means you are overwhelmed at work, financially, or even socially. And it is a sign for you to take a break.

7. You Have A Clear Goal/Purpose

It is not always possible to locate the context of your flooding dream. And in such a case when you survive a flood and emerge victorious, it basically means that your purpose is clearly defined whatever may be the circumstance.

8. Unwanted Energy

In case you are a spiritual person, a flood dream can also be a sign of new unwanted energy. 

It might hint that there is a new force in your life- it can be a neighbor, a friend, a colleague, or anyone else. It is an indication that they might bring you harm.

9. Sensual Awakening

Every human being has sexual desires. And water and sexuality are intrinsically related.

Your flood dream/wet dream might signify that you are involved with someone sexually in your dream. 

Or it might even signify that you are sexually deprived of someone’s intimacy and desperately want to be reunited.

10. Unknown Fears

If you are scared of water bodies or water, seeing a flood in your dream might signify your unknown fears.

You need to assess your life and try and get over your fears. This is a signal of your fears and even helps in uncovering them.

11. Extreme Infatuation

Flood dreams might signify absolute infatuation towards someone. Water is associated with sexuality and it suggests that your infatuation towards a person is reaching new heights.

At times you might not be even aware that you are attracted to a person. These dreams help you to understand the intensity of your infatuation.

12. Take Control

A flood signifies chaos and out-of-control situations. So when you see a flood in your dream it possibly means that you need to take control of your life.

In case you have neglected a relationship or any other aspect of your life, it means that you need to hold your grip tight and start caring about them.

Apart from the ones that we mentioned here, there are many other interpretations of dreams about floods

You need to go through these interpretations to understand which one fits your life and context and then perhaps act accordingly.

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Different Types Of Flooding Dreams

Here are a few instances of flooding dreams and what they represent:-

Meaning And Significance Of Dreams About Floods

Dream About Escaping A Flood

When you have a dream about escaping a flood that means you are able to achieve freedom. 

It signifies that now you can walk away from all your life problems. If you escape it successfully it means that your problems will be solved effectively.

Dream About Flooded House

When you have a dream about a flooded house it is a bad omen. It generally suggests an inner conflict. It represents a tense situation and an intense inner struggle of emotions.

Dreams About Flooded Roads

A dream of roads flooding represents joy, happiness, celebrations, and festivities.

It can also mean that you are becoming reclusive and emotionally distant. Your dream will then mean that you can overcome this and move forward in life.

Dream About End Of The World Flood

This type of dream means that there is subconscious psychological distress. It shows how you feel is not how you think.

It is a rift between your work and home and several other priorities in life. The end refers to a sense of guilt.

Dream About Flooding River

Dream about a flooding river that represents certain aspects of your family heritage. It hints at letting go of something.

Dream About Flooding Water In House

If you have a dream where your house is getting ruined by flood water it represents problems in your family. 

It is a sign to confront the issues in order to restore peace in your family.

Dream About Drowning In A Flood

Even though it might be scary, this means that you will be able to help someone in need of advice. You will also have a stable financial condition.

Dream About Debris In Flood

When you dream of floating debris in a flood in your dream it indicates the spread of a rumor. At times like this talk to the people around you so that no miscommunication takes place with you.

3 Spiritual Meaning Dreams About Floods 

Meaning And Significance Of Dreams About Floods

You might be wondering What is the Biblical Interpretation of a Flooding Dream?

Well, in Spiritual terms having a flood dream symbolizes a new beginning, life changes, or forgiveness.

There can be 3 possible meanings of a flood dream. They are discussed here-

1. You will have a positive change in life

As per the bible, flooding symbolizes a big future change. God used a flood to bring a new beginning and cleanse Earth by allowing only Noah, his family, and the animals of the ark to survive.

Thus, it refers to a positive change in life. It means the stress, difficulties, and perils you are facing will soon be washed away.

This is an opportunity for you to reach a new path in life and enjoy a new variety in your life.

2. You are always faithful in difficult times 

The bible also mentions flooding as a symbol of morals and strength.

When you have a flood dream it can also mean that you have been tested many times and you have remained faithful. It is proof of your strong moral conscience.

3. Something might get taken away from you

If you have a flood dream there are chances that something might get taken away from you. 

It is not possible to say what exactly you might lose, but you should remain cautious.

It is a message from God that you are taking something taken for granted. 

These are the three major kinds of spiritual interpretations of flood dreams. 

Wondering Why Do I Keep Dreaming About Floods? 

A dream about a flood is often unsettling and uncomfortable. But sometimes it also signifies a new or good phase of your life.

However, if you keep having continuous episodes of flood dreams then it can be deduced that you might be going through some stressful, anxious, or negative phase of your life. 

You must take this seriously and try to calm yourself. If required consult some expert and try various meditations to put your mind at ease. 

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1. Is it good to see water in dreams?

It is believed that deep water flows in a dream represent a positive meaning which is usually spiritual growth, spiritual enlightenment, or even a positive mindset.

However, if it is stressful then it might hint at something negative.

2. What do dreams of floods mean?

A dream of a flood generally signifies repressed desires of the subconscious mind. And the excessive flow of water represents overwhelming emotions about it.

3. What does surviving a flood in a dream mean?

When you have seen a flood in your dream and you survive it then it generally means the beginning of a new chapter of your life after a lot of struggle.

It refers to the fact that a negative phase of your life is about to end.

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