A Lizard is known to be your everyday household mate. They are inconspicuous little reptiles that we spot now and then behind our ceiling fans and carpet walls. These creatures go on about their lives with quietude and are almost never a bother. Almost, being the keyword here, because sometimes, we have that one family member who cannot stand the sight of this white reptile. Thus comes their fear of a Lizard Falling On Head from the ceiling!

As scary as it sounds, the whole event of a lizard falling on an individual is considered one of India’s many prevailing omens. Astrology, a discipline of Indian origin dedicates some of its studies to lizards, in relation to the laws of spiritual beliefs and divine consequences.

You might be wondering, what does a lizard falling on your head have to do with spirits and gods? Well, let’s start by looking at the very origin of lizards and superstitions

lizard falling on head

What Happens Lizard Falling On Head?

Gowli Pathana Shastra, one of the notary sections from the study of astrology, explores the spiritual meaning behind these reptiles. The segment dives deep into the nitty-gritty of the position of lizard falling, and on which specific body part it lands. Such is laid down in a detailed exposition in the Gowli Panchangam.

There is a different interpretation behind every position, place, and time a lizard accidentally falls on a human body ranges from favorable to misfortune.

What Is The Difference Between A Lizard Falling On Men And Women? 

Although it is religious and vague in its interpretations, the Shastras say there is a distinction between gender in the meaning of lizards falling on the human body. To understand that difference of consequence in a lizard falling on your head, the following is commonly interpreted:

  • Man’s Head – A lizard falling on a man’s head interpretes a long standing rival will arrive, or a future dispute is about to unfold.
  • Woman’s head – Meanwhile, the woman is said to be in fear of death when a lizard falls on her head.

There are different interpretations for different body parts, distinguished between gender as well.

Is There A Spiritual Meaning Behind Lizards?

Lizards, in our eyes, are purely domestic in nature with their colorless body and nonchalant presence in our homes. A wild lizard is quite different, both in terms of biological structure and the respective meaning behind its presence.

  • Rebirth and Spiritual growth– Lizards, in general are although cold blooded reptiles, they symbolise Metamorphosis , or Transformation. The notion of rebirth , of a new way of life comes from their ability to shed their skin everyday, to fuel  growth in their new skin. Letting go of the things that weigh you down, is what the biological process of lizards represent.
  • Survival and Patience– The shedding of outgrown skin is not only a sign of growth, but living in the moment and surviving through danger. Lizards have flexible bodies whereby they can shed their skin and escape when pinned down by a predator. They are stealthy predators themselves, preying on small insects with caution.They leave out their poisonous tail as a defense mechanism too.
lizard falling on head

Hence, lizards are your totemic symbol of rebirth, rejuvenation, and survival through the passage of growth.

What Does It Mean To Have Lizards In My House?

Commonly known as geckos, house lizards are their own species with a different habitat and growth process altogether. These house lizards have an astrological meaning behind them.

The Puranas conclude that lizards are indeed auspicious creatures to keep a home. They are regarded as totemic to a point where killing them would bring misfortune to the family and its preceding generations. Oher beliefs include –

  • Destroying a lizard’s eggs will bring curse to the house’s owner and his family
  • A lizard crushed between doors or stamped under can bring misfortune.
  • Viewing a dead lizard can have a negative impact on one’s future.

Although a lizard’s presence, in general, is lucky, their landing on your body isn’t. There are several other meanings behind lizards, as they vary in their size and the place they fall on.

Lizards Falling On Household Items

Your everyday use of items like tables, beds, and vehicles can be considered a sign of impending bad luck. It is not just the human body, but the things that surround him are, as the Shastra suggests, possible determinants to one’s future.

Consequently, the Puranas also emphasize remedies to the curse of a fallen lizard or a killed lizard. There is also a traditional mantra one can chant to cure himself of the curse of a fallen lizard.

What Happens When I See A Lizard While Dreaming?

Dreams are inherently considered to have a connection with one’s spiritual self. Viewing a lizard in real life is considered a lucky charm, but for dreams, it is the opposite. Lizards conspicuously appearing in your dreams may trigger a sign of some impending danger that may befall your life.

Our subconscious influences the way we think in our consciousness. So, as dreams open up that subconscious mind, our general feeling towards lizards may influence the way we act in the future. Some dream analysts suggest that our general dislike for lizards may result in an anxious situation in the future if we spot one in our dreams. 

Lizards Falling On Your Head

What Does Hinduism Say About The Spiritual Meaning Behind Lizards?

Although lizards have omens around them from different cultures, the traditional Hindu religion of India believes in the good luck charm of their presence in our own homes. Some Indian beliefs common to our ears include-

  • Listening to Chirping Lizards is as lucky as viewing them on the wall.
  • Lizards falling on your hair can mean a positive gain or achievement in your life soon enough. Meanwhile , a lizard landing on your face may anticipate a new guest at home.There are other specific body parts which hold special significance when a lizard falls on them.
  • Lizards have a divine connection, as they are also the incarnation of Lord Venkateswara Swamy. This is depicted through a stone lizard sculpture, engraved on the walls of Sri Balligiri Venkateswara Swamy temple.

Are Lizards safe at Home?

At the end of the day, dreams, omens, and bad luck are just superstitions and religious beliefs that humans interpreted in the age of the ancient astrological era.

What the shastras tell about a particular position of lizard at your home does not truly change your destination in life. Lizards are harmless reptiles that live their own life, while we live our own.

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