Are you seeing the same numbers on the clock for the past few days? Most people have reported one of the most common phenomena that they are constantly seeing the same numbers on the clock all the time. This same number also repeats itself whether it is on a license plate or because of whatever reason.

Seeing the same number everywhere is called a pattern and it can appear anywhere in life. It is related to the energetic appearance of the individual and these repeated patterns are called synchronicities and repeat throughout the day.

There are many different spiritual and psychological phenomena associated with seeing repeated numbers. This article details the different viewpoints which help in decoding the meaning of seeing the numbers.

What Is Considered A Normal Dream?

According to the National Sleep Foundation, a person may typically dream approximately four to six times a night. Though dreams can come up anytime throughout the night, it has been commonly observed that they happen during Rapid Eye movement sleep.


It can be influenced by what a person has been thinking before going to sleep or whatever they’ve experienced in their day. A standard dream varies according to the individual and some of the most common features of a normal dream are-

1. Most of the dreams are visual and the meaning of the images is at the forefront of the dreams.

2. Dreams can be in color or pure black and white.

3. The more pleasant dreams are associated with less stress.

Can Dreams Come True In Real Life?

Can the dreams come true or do they tell the future is one question that has captivated many different cultures? Many have attributed this power to spiritual and divine intervention bur there are many instances in which the dreams do come true. This happens in ways that weren’t anticipated and do not bear any spiritual or life-changing meaning.

The dreams may include the events that person has not thought of while they were awake and the person may start to believe the probability of it. Dreams are often considered to be a reflection of the most likely outcome and it becomes very life-like and powerful in the state.

Some dreams come true without any intervention and control of the dreamer and this can be a synthesis of a person’s conscious and subconscious memories. The obvious clues may not be considered important after those facts are pooled and this usually occurs during the sleep cycle.

Why Do We Forget Dreams?

Dreams occur when the brain is processing some information and eliminating all the unnecessary and short-term experiences into long-term memory. A person who can recall their dreams may have an ability to memorize generally but beyond this characteristic, a person usually blocks out a dream the following day.


The dream activity is a very real and intense process and it does not get lost anywhere but they are usually unsettling and strange. In the case of such dreams, the brain works in a way so that the person forgets the dream to tell the difference between the real and dream world.

What Are Dreams Based On?

All the dreams are not the same and they run on the experience of the individual and sometimes go beyond and incorporates a series of emotions and events. Dreams can be frightening, strange, sad or funny, and sometimes stressful. There is a basic classification for dreams which includes nightmares, recurring and lucid dreams.

Dreams are influenced by the waking lives of people in many different ways and many theories suggest that dreaming is a means for the brain to process emotions, stimuli, information, and the memories that have been absorbed throughout the day.

The daily life experiences do not present themselves in the dreams immediately and sometimes the brain filters an experience before putting it as a dream.  The incorporation of memories into the dreams is not always seamless or realistic but rather appears in the dreams as incomplete pieces.

They may contain aspects of the daily, everyday routine but the experiences a content with the processing. Some of the dreams might require an individual to come to terms with grief, fear, loss, and other emotions.

Examining and interpreting dreams has been a fascination since ancient times and the interpreters were considered experts and were sought after. Dream experience still varies widely but is present in some well-established themes which occur among most of the dreamers.

Is Dreaming A Sign Of Good Sleep?

Dreaming is normally considering a part of very healthy sleep and has been connected to cognitive functioning and emotional health. The studies have shown that the linked dreams affect the thinking and emotional processing of the individual.

Dreaming is considered to be either a reflection or a contributor to quality sleep and all the created dreams are not equal. Some of them may also harm the physical or mental being of the individual. Whenever a bad dream comes up it is considered a nightmare.

Do dreams last 7 seconds?

The length of a dream may vary and may last either for a few seconds or 20-30 minutes. On average a person has three to five dreams and some may have up to seven dreams in a single night.

Most of the dreams however are forgotten immediately and tend to last longer as the night progresses. Dreaming helps a person to fight depression and is beneficial to a person. Thus, dreams can last up to seven or more seconds and can affect the overall being of an individual.

Why do we dream of numbers?

Dreaming of numbers means that a person is looking for logic and understanding in their life. They point to the organization and the appearance of the dream to signify and create order. Each has a number that has a different significance associated with it and it might appear to convey the message to the person.

Why do we dream of numbers
Why do we dream of numbers

What is seeing the same number everywhere psychology?

There has been a large increase in the number of people reporting about seeing the same number all the time either in the clock or in the texts/emails. They initially try to shrug it off as a coincidence but after a certain point of time, it gets spooky.

This can become frustrating as there is no logical or scientific explanation behind it. Maslow’s hierarchy plays a part in the sightings of the number. The person may then start looking for the meaning and purpose of all they can become and may explore the different aspects of life like spirituality.

One starts to notice the synchronicities which they ignored before and they no longer focus on their basic survival needs. These cause the person to draw patterns between the situation which happen in their life and put more importance on the energy of an individual towards a particular outcome.

For instance- If a person dreams about one of their old friends and the next day they receive a text from then out of blue at sharp 11:11 am then this is considered a synchronistic pattern. The person would respond to the text and plan to meet that friend as soon as possible. Many people ask about “why do I keep seeing double numbers spiritual?

Since this proves that a person does not need to notice the patterns for a better physical being it becomes important to understand their spiritual importance. At the level of self-actualization which will enable the person to notice the synchronicities, this is a sign of spiritual survival and evolution.

Why do I keep seeing number patterns?

Spiritually seeing the same number, again and again, is a sign of awakening. As the person moves up their spiritual and survival needs, the connection becomes dormant and ready to evolve. The person at this stage will start to connect with the physical reality and into the spiritual existence together.

They give guidance and help them move past their life lessons. This is a different path and differs for every person. The awakening takes place at different levels and timelines and if the message that the number is trying to send becomes clear.


The repetition of a number can mean different things to different people. For some, it may be a cause of irritation, stress and for some, it may bring peace along with it.

Every number has a particular vibrational code that is attached to the energy of the individual and in this way, the law of attraction works, and a person attracts the number that the energy is ready to receive.

Everything in the reality is at the core with the energy the spirit sends a message through the vibrational code because the vibrational field responds to it. This isn’t a mere coincidence and the person is turned to a particular number for a reason and it portrays a hidden message.

What is the seeing triple numbers phenomenon?

What is the seeing triple numbers phenomenon

To consider this spiritually and based on synchronicities, seeing triple repeated numbers is considered a sign from the angels or spirits who are trying to guide the person towards their highest path. The angel numbers often appear in 3s.

If the person is seeing tripled patterns, then it may be a good idea to write those numbers down and then investigate their meaning. The best way to find out the meaning of a number is to trust one’s instincts. Focus on the number for 10-15 minutes and pay attention to any of the memories, images that come up along with it.

Is seeing repeating numbers a good thing?

One of the best ways of keeping a track of these sightings is to make a journal and then record these occurrences. The more one records these things the more they would be able to meditate and analyze what appears.

This will strengthen the connection between the individual and their number. The meaning of these recurrences changes when they come in dreams and for this, it is recommended that the person records their dreams right after they wake up and this can further give them clues to interpret the message from the number.

What does seeing repeating 1’s mean?

In dreams, each number has a particular significance attached to it, and learning the meaning of each number becomes helpful when the person is trying to decode the meaning of their dream.

1. One

The number one in the dreams is an indicator of new beginnings and leadership. It means that the person is unique, rebellious, and self-reliant. Seeing the number 1 multiple times is believed to have significance towards the heart’s desires and the soul’s urges.

It is a sign that the dream wants the person to think about what their soul wants or searches for in the real life. It can also signal the person to focus only on their inner self and consolidate all of their energy in a single place.

2. Three

Many people ask the significance of seeing the number 33 repeatedly which is an indication of the creativity of the individual. This usually means that the person needs to start creating something either art, music, solution, or a new identity for themselves. Their mind is ready to build and construct when it sees three.

3. Four

If the number 44 keeps appearing then this means that the person is very grounded, stable, and supportive. It points out the matters of the house and represents the four corners of a home. This may be an indication of organizing or cleaning the entire house.

How do I know my spiritual number?

How do I know my spiritual number

The spiritual or the life path number is a concept in numerology that deals with the essential truths about one’s personality, outlook, and probable challenges.

To calculate your spiritual number the person needs to take the numerical value of the date of birth and then add all of those digits together again and again until the person ends up with a single digit.

For example, if the birthday is 3 July 1995, the user might need to add the digits 1+9+9+5 which is =24, and then further add 2+4=6. After this, they have to add 6 +7+3=16 and then further 1+6=7.

What to do if a person keep seeing 11 after the hour?

When a person sees 11 after the hour it is considered to be a message from their angels and has different meanings in different instances.

It primarily means that the angels are trying to get a person’s attention and they may be guiding, leading them to be aware of a probable issue, with this message they intend to make the person work and trust with all of their answers.

It necessarily means that the person is reaching a new level of spiritual enlightenment. It may either be because the person is seeking it or it may come out of nowhere.


Dreams have always been one of the most fascinating aspects of human life and decoding the meaning of every dream is exciting. The occurrence of numbers in a dream further adds the concept of numerology to the same.

Seeing the same numbers on the clock can have different meanings for different people. Thus, dreams are an unavoidable part of human life and should be taken seriously. This article will help you to understand the concept of both dreams and numerology and the connection between them.

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